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Yerevan Theaters

State Russian Drama Theatre named after K. Stanislavsky
The State Russian Drama Theatre named after K. Stanislavsky was opened in 1937. The first theater actors were invited from Moscow, Leningrad (St Petersburg), Tbilisi, and Baku.
The theater puts on Russian classical and modern productions; plays by Armenian and foreign authors, and perfomances for children. The theater’s repertoire includes: “Woe from wit” by Griboedov, “The princess of the fallen castle” by Shant, “The king of Cilicia” by Ishhanyan, “Storm” by Ostrovsky, etc.

“Metro” Theater
The Metro Theater was founded in 1992. Its repertoire includes: “Topaz” by Panilov, “Guest” by Kocharian, “The beast on the Moon” by Kalinov, “Paris is a dangerous city” by Manir, “Diogenes” by Konstantinov, “The time to gather stones” by Sartre, as well as plays based on Timanyan’s stories.

State Puppet Theatre
The State Puppet Theatre was established in 1987. Thanks to the efforts of its talented director and artists, a lot of plays have been staged here: “Kikos”, “A talkative fish”, “Master and servant”, “Mice meeting”, “A girl and a bear”, and “A real friend”.

State Musical Chamber Theatre
The theater was founded in 1997. It stages musical dramas and musical comedies, for example: “The hunchback of Notre Dame”, “Bernard’s daughter” by Karl Oriff, “Cats” by Weber, “Kikos”.

State Song Theatre of Armenia
The theater was founded in 1994. Its repertoire includes theater performances and concerts of popular Armenian singers. Arthur Grigoryan, the artistic director of the theater, has helped many talented performers to become popular.

Yerevan State Youth Theatre
The Yerevan State Youth Theatre raised its curtain in 1929. Now the theatre puts on plays of various Armenian and international classical authors such as Shakespeare, Schiller, Goldoni, Moliere, Ostrovsky, Saltykov-Shchedrin, and Sophocles.

Yerevan State Chamber Theatre
The curtain of the Yerevan State Chamber Theatre was raised in 1982. The troupe consists of nonprofessional actors-experimenters. The theater’s repertoire includes world-famous traditional plays and performances – “Hamlet” by Shakespeare, “Titanic - Made in Armenia”, “Gentlemen, the world is heading down, but we can still live and have fun”, and many others.

National Academic Theatre named after G. Sundukyan
The Theatre named after G. Sundukyan, founded in 1922, is the oldest modern theater in Armenia. The statues of G. Sundukyan, the founder of the Armenian school of realistic drama, and his literary character Pepo, welcome visitors at the entrance to the theater. Such legendary actors and actresses as V. Ajemian, Potpomogov, V. Papazian, H. Ghaplanian, H. Nersisian, Hasmik, A. Avetisian A.Voskanian play here.
Today, the theater stages both national and international plays.

State Puppet Theater named after Tumanyan
State Puppet Theatre was founded in 1935.
The current repertoire includes plays for children and adults, for example “Dog and cat”, “Hunter-inventor”, and “Invisible cock” by Tumanyan, “Musicians against their wishes” by the Brothers Grimm, “Anahit” by Aghayan, “Under the Bethlehem star” by Volkov, “The new adventures of wolf and children” by Martirosyan, “The dwarf’s song” by Manaryan, and others.


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