Концерн 'БАЙАЗЕТ'
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How to reserve a table in our restaurant or café?

If you are planning to visit our restaurant or a café to have a good time and eat some good food, please call + 7 (995) 545 - 0749; +7 (995) 545 - 0225 or e-mail cafe@bayazet.ru to book a table. If you want to reserve several tables (for example, for your birthday party or for wedding celebration), we can put them together for your convenience..

The dining room of our restaurant can comfortably accommodate 92 guests, the café room – up to 150 guests.



Restaurant “BAYAZET”  


it contains 92 people: VIP is i-th 12 people, VIP OF THE III - 6 people, VIP IV - 4 people and main halls to 70 people.


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