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Zartnir, Lao


Armenia - this and air, clean both transparent and water, such surprising, that now and then you doubt, that the formula of this water H of 2 O.

These are the sun, generous and which burns as fire. This and the nairskie eyes, which by their luster darken the sun, by its grief personify entire history of grief of our people.

This and the weeping of duduka, which penetrates into the soul, this and the melody of zourna, which calls to dance this and rhythm of the dance of kochari.

These are ancient songs, cradle “Zartnir, lao”, that calls child to awake and to take vengeance for the destruction of native people. Such cradle could appear only in Armenians.

This is lightning - David Sasuntsi's sword.

All this - Armenia, the biblical country of Ike - ancestor, paradise on the Earth.

Armenia - this of the tear of happiness on the eyes, when aircraft lands to the Armenian earth.

This is the hovering in the sky apex of ararat. This indescribable feeling, when by chance, on the foreign land, you will see the clouds, which assumed the form of ararat.

Armenia - these are kitchen… is earliest on the earth.

Its roots depart to the epoch Urartu. Most of all we value the naturalness of taste, and refinement is achieved by the use of maximally qualitative products and by the manifestation of the inherent in them of taste and aroma.

We never fry fish - we only add it. Meat traditionally they also do not fry and they cut by large pieces. It either they cook - this “khashlama” or they put out or bake. So that simplicity - basic principle of Armenian kitchen. Naturally, for a period of centuries it underwent all possible influences. Both Persian and Azerbaijan, and Turkish. But in the fortieth years, with the arrival of the large number of repatriates from the Near East and Asia Minor, us strongly influenced Arab kitchen. And this very well - remaining itself, Armenian culinary culture was enriched. Still - not in one of the kitchens is used this quantity of all possible grasses both cultivated, and wild. Some of them grow only in the Armenian mountains.  

Armenian table is unthinkable without all possible salt vegetables and grasses - eggplants, summer squashes, purslane and other.

We are always located in search of the new tastes, the sensations and the emotions.

For this very reason since the beginning of the solar season we begin the new page of our life - with the renovated menu, the interesting prices and such attractive tastes. And we invite you to divide with us the impressions of the new spring, saturated by the aromas of Armenian grasses, golden small fish from the transparent mountain rivers, juicy khorovatsa (shashlik), feeding fruits and ripe vegetables.                                                                        

The glass of good wine will be outstanding addition to the dinner. But legendary Armenian cognac will make any contact unconstrained.

And it is not worth forgetting, that hospitality - holy debt of Caucasian. We increased the portion of our dishes, without changing their cost, because our guest must arise because of the table satisfied and good.

If you opened for yourselves Armenia, open it for your friends and close ones.



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