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Armenia took the 90-in terms of tourism development


In the report, the World Economic Forum: travel and tourism competitiveness 2011», Armenia took the 90-in terms of tourism development, among other countries. Compared to the 2009 year of Armenia's position has improved by one step.

Top ten leaders in tourism this year, led by Switzerland, Germany, France, Austria, Sweden, the United. Among the countries of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) the leading position occupies Russia (59 place), which follow Georgia (73 place), Azerbaijan (83 place), Ukraine (85 place), Kazakhstan (93 place), Moldavia (99 place).

In the opinion the authors of report, in Armenia occurred positive situation in the plan of sanitary-hygenic conditions and safety, truth thus far there are problems with the protection of environment. 
The position of Armenia negatively influenced such factors, as: the low level of the application of laws about the environment (120 - e and 126 - e of place), the limitedness of participation in the international conventions on the environment (108 - e place), the requirement of visa for the entrance into the Ra (126 - e place), the limited quantity of the bilateral conventions in the sphere of air traffic (91 - e place), and also the low level of confidence in the police (112 - e place).
In this case the considerable progress is fixed relative to an increase in the transparency of state policy. Also was improved the position (to 5 points) of Armenia in the plan business - medium and infrastructures.

In India the scientists counted about 4 000 Armenian monuments

From February 8 to March 2, 2011 Armenian scientists - the colleagues “of fund on the study of Armenian architecture” headed by leader Samvel Karapetyan visited cities and villages of India, where in the antiquity lived Armenian community, namely in Agre, Delhi, Calcutta, Gvaliore, benares, Kochi, Bombay, Madras, hyderabad. Karapetyan and its command studied the Armenian architectural monuments, which were preserved in India after the centuries.

On the whole scientists counted about 4 000 Armenian monuments, whose large part is in sufficiently poor state. “Many Armenian monuments outwardly little resemble Armenian. In essence they are built in the European style, it is possible even to find Armenian architectural construction in the style of Chinese pagodas”, said Samvel Karapetyan to the press - conference, which passed to Yerevan on March 9.

Besides the monuments, in India were preserved the chronicles, dated, in essence, by period to the 19th Century. The most ancient of them are written in the ancient-Armenian language.

As far as churches are concerned, three Armenian churches at present in India act: the church of holy Mother of God, SV of Grigoriy Prosvetitelya and the Armenian holy church of Nazareth. Ancient Armenian cemeteries were preserved near these churches, until now. On one of them the scientists revealed the tomb Of melik - Beglaryanov, rulers Of gyulistana.
According to the Armenian scientists, in India there was also the bridge, which the Armenians constructed. In 60- ye years this bridge was brought down; therefore records about it remained only in the chronicles.
The first Armenians, whose majority were kind from new Dzhugi, appeared in India in XVI century. In Agre and Surate in XVI century already acted the Armenian churches, which, unfortunately, were not preserved to the present.



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