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Food prices in Yerevan

In order to be in the picture, please note that 1 ruble is approximately 15-16 drams, and 1$ is approximately 450 drams. You can check the exact currency exchange rate on any page of our website. This information is updated on a day-to-day basis according to the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Armenia.

Buying food at stores
Here are some prices on common foodstuff (per kg):

  • Bread: 230-250 drams
  • Macaroni products: 380-420 drams
  • Cereals (rice, buckwheat , etc.): 300-500 drams
  • Cheese: 800-1500 drams
  • Milk: 250 drams
  • Sour cream: 160 drams
  • Madzoon (a fermented milk product similar to yogurt), 0.5l: 120-140 drams
  • Butter: starting from 1300 drams
  • Chicken egg, per one: 40-60 drams
  • Sugar: 250 drams
  • Pork: 1800 drams
  • Beef: 1400-1600 drams
  • Chicken: 700-1200 drams
  • Sausage: 1500-2000 drams

Prices on fruit and vegetables depend on the season. In summer they are the following (per kg):

  • Potatoes: 100 drams
  • Apples: 200-600 drams (apple season starts in September)
  • Pears: 400-800 drams (pear season starts in September)
  • Grapes: 300-500 drams
  • Peaches: 150-200 drams
  • Watermelons: 100-150 drams
  • Melons: 100-150 drams
  • Oranges: 400-500 drams
  • Bananas: 500-600 drams


  • Cognac, per 0,5l bottle: 5000-25000 drams (Yerevan cognac factory)
  • Cognac: 1500-5000 drams (Proshyan Cognac Factory)
  • Wine: 700-2000 drams
  • Beer, per 0.5l bottle: 300-500 drams

Please note that it is necessary to buy cognac in specialty stores or in well-known supermarkets to avoid falsification.
Having meal at restaurants
In Yerevan there are many various restaurants, bistros, bars and cafes representing national cuisines of nearly all countries in the world. The average bill amount depends on the rank of the restaurant. For example, in mid-price Yerevan restaurants you can have a dinner for $10-12 per person. In other regions of Armenia dinner is a bit less expensive.
In Yerevan it is better to choose small and cozy restaurants. For example, you can find nice places in Proshyan street.
Here are some average prices on dishes and beverages at Yerevan restaurants (per portion):


Soft drinks, juice: around 500 drams
Black coffee: 200-400 drams
Nescafe coffee: 300-400 drams
Cappuccino (natural): 700-1000 drams, instant coffee bags - 400 drams
Fizzy drinks (Fanta, Pepsi, etc.), per 0.25l: 200-300 drams
Beer per 0.5l: 350-1000 drams
Wine, per 0.75l: 3000-4000 drams
Cognac Ararat 3*** (50 gr.): 700-1000 drams
Cognac Akhtamar (50 gr.): 1500-3000 drams


Soups: 800-2500 drams
Salads: 500-2000 drams
French fries: 400-600 drams
Appetizers (cheese, sausage): 1000-2500 drams
Shashlick: 1500-2500 drams
Kebab: 400-1000 drams
Fish courses: 1500-5000 drams
Main courses: 800-1200/2500 drams

Prices in Yerevan depend on your location. For example, in the heart of the city all goods will be more expensive than in remote districts, but if you make a market research, you will certainly find a good store with reasonable prices even in the center.
It is better to buy foodstuff at supermarkets than at local markets: first, the prices are equal, and second, the food quality and assortment are better.
However, we advise you to buy some fruit and vegetables at the market, because there is no other place like that to discover exotic treasures of the Armenian “bazaar”. When you are visiting a market, don't be tragic if you decide to buy more goods than you planned: their quality will not fail.
But still, make a research in advance: in the district where you are staying there maybe a store with lower prices than at the market. The reason is simple – many supermarkets receive goods directly from manufacturers (factories or farmers), and at the markets you will buy stuff mainly from resellers.
No matter which choice you will make – a supermarket or a market, you can be sure in the high quality of the Armenian food.


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