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Cafe and restaurant BAYAZET



Cuisine is the symbol and basis of hospitality! The nature of every traditional cuisine is a reflection of the national character and approach to life. Only after having tasted the samples of the best national dishes, you can "feel the taste" of the national culture and get closer to understanding the country’s specifics and traditional values.


Once having tasted the dishes of Armenian cuisine, you will certainly like them, and, therefore, like Armenian culture and its centuries-old traditions.


The restaurant and cafe "BAYAZET" have a common menu that includes various kinds of bread; fresh healthy vegetable and herb salads; delicious meat, vegetable or milk soups; main courses featuring different kinds of meat and fish; complexside dishes; and a wide range of desserts.


The delicate combination of flavor, aroma and consistence of each dish will let you find out the real color of the national Armenian cuisine! Our professional cooks put their heart and soul into their work. That’s why each dessert and each appetizer it’s not just a portion of food - it’s a perfect example of cookery art and Armenian cordiality!


A special dessert menu of "BAYAZET" includes tasty dishes for our small visitors: baklava, donuts, and a variety of jams. These Armenian sweets won’t leave children as well as their parents untouched.


Those who love European cuisine will be pleasantly surprised to find out that we also offer an excellent range of traditional European dishes based on the best recipesand the best ingredients. Click here for more information about our menu.


In the restaurant and café "BAYAZET" you can have a wonderful lunch or dinner in a warm, comfortable atmosphere. The national Armenian color is represented not only by the authentic cuisine we offer, but also by the interior design: traditional wall paintings; trim stone imitating Armenian mountainous landscape; souvenirs and pictures created by Armenian craftsmen; national costumes that our waiters wear.


The café "BAYAZET" includes 4 rooms that can accommodate up to 150 guests. The main dining room, able to accommodate 100 guests for a seated dinner, has been recently renovated. On one side it adjoins a bar, on the other – a dance floor. Sitting at a four-place table in this room, you will be in the center of all activities: you can listen to music, watch a floor show, and on Fridays and Saturdays – dance on the dance floor.


Two smaller comfortable private rooms of our café can accommodate 20 and 25 guests correspondingly. They are an excellent choice for an intimate celebration or for a private party with your family and close friends. Our fourth private room can accommodate 10 guests. A fireplace, comfortable light sofas, and soft warm light – nothing will disturb your rest or your private meeting here.


The dining room of the restaurant "BAYAZET" can accommodate 70 people for a seated dinner. It’s the ideal space for a group of friends wishing to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or just to spend an evening together. 


Three other comfortable private dining rooms of the restaurant can accommodate 4, 6 and 12 people. 


They are perfect for a business event or for negotiations with business partners as well as for a small family celebration.


Besides good food, cozy atmosphereand exceptional service, the restaurant and cafe "BAYAZET" offer their guests to listen to music, to dance and to have fun! It’s a well known fact that good mood and laughing work up an appetite! You can receive more detailed information about the music and dance programs of our restaurant and café here.  


The restaurant and café "BAYAZET" are open for you every day:

Monday-Thursday - from 11:00 till 24:00

Friday-Saturday - from 11:00 till 02:00

Sunday - from 11:00 till 24:00

Welcome to our restaurant and café - a little bit of sunny Armenia in Perm!




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