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Lori is a province located in the north-east of Armenia. Its capital is Vanadzor. The climate is mild as the mountain chain Lori-Pambk prevents penetration of cold winds from the north. Rich cultural heritage of this province is of tens of centuries. Horanakert monastery complex was built on the rocks of the Lori mountains in the 10th-13th centuries.

In highlands of Alaverdi, on the bank of the Debet river, Sanain village is located. This village is connected with main communication lines by the bridge that was built in 1192. It’s the oldest engineering structure which has survived to these days. Sanain monastery complex was founded on the territory of the village in 10-13 centuries. Within 5 km distance from it there’s Akhlat monastery complex. Just as Gegard, these monasteries used to be educational centers of medieval Armenia. Libraries, scriptorium and schools were founded in these monasteries. South of Alaverdi there’s a magnificent temple Odzun (6-7 centuries). The following rivers flow through the territory of the region: Pambak, Dzoraget, Debet and Agstev. This region is rich in orchards, fertile lands, lakes and springs.

The city of Vanadzor (Kirovakan)

On a high terrace of the Pambak river valley the city of Kirovakan is smothered in green plants. Its houses built from pink Artik tufa look very picturesque on the back of surrounding wooded hills.

The city is located on the site of ancient human settlements. In its north-eastern part, on Takavoranist hill archeologist found the traces of settlement of the 3rd Millennium B.C. In addition to that, excavations in the city and on the bank of the river revealed many traces of ancient tombs, including stone sarcophagi of the Bronze Age. Monuments of the 17-19 centuries, though not so many, remained intake. At the beginning of the century a holiday village began to grow, and today city blocks extend to the mountain slopes. The city hasn’t lost its attraction for tourists. Here you may find health resorts, vacation retreats, located in shady parks and camps in wooded glades.

Botanical Garden is located in the southern part of the city. The area of 13 hectares brings together several hundreds of species of trees, bushes and flowers from many countries and climate zones. Parkland is designed in the style of natural landscapes among with scattered bright spots of flower beds.


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