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General Information

Date of formation of the Republic of Armenia – September 21, 1991, Armenia’s independence referendum day. Based on the referendum results (99% in favor of independence) the Parliament of the Republic (the ASSR Supreme Council) adopted the Declaration on Independence and proclaimed the independence of the Republic of Armenia. This date is marked as the national holiday, Independence Day.

The Republic of Armenia (Armenian: Hayastani Hanrapetut’yun) consists of 11 regions (marzes). The capital of Armenia, Yerevan also has the status of a community. Major cities are Gyumri and Vanadzor.

Currency is dram, introduced by the Central Bank of Armenia in 1993. Population of the Republic is 3,766.4 thousand (1996), 96% of population are Armenians, another 4% are ethnic minorities: Russians, Yezidis, Assyrians, Greeks, Ukrainians, Jews and others. Official language is Armenian. Official state religion is Christianity. The religious center of the Armenian Apostolic Church is Holy Etchmiadzin, where the cathedral of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the residence of Catholicos (Patriarch) of all Armenians are situated.

Political system

The republic of Armenia is a sovereign, democratic, social and rule-of-law state. State power is executed in accordance with the Constitution and laws, based on the principle pf separation of legislative, executive and judicial powers.

A presidential system of government is adopted in the Republic of Armenia. The President ensures observance of the Constitution, normal functioning of legislative, executive and judicial powers and is a grantor of independence and territorial integrity and security of the Republic. The President is elected by the citizens of the Republic of Armenia for five years.

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