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Kotayk is located to the north of Yerevan. One-third of the territory of this marz is covered with forests. The city of Razdan is its administrative center. The city got its name from the river flowing through this region.

The city of Arzni is famous for its mineral springs. Here there are many health resorts and vacation retreats where cardiovascular diseases are treated.

Tskhadzor is a resort well-known as the Olympic training center for athletes. The cableway lifts tourists and athletes to the peak of Tekenik mountain.

Not far from Yerevan, there’s a village of Gurnee with a pagan temple of Garni (1st century A.D.). In the distance of 5 km from Garni in Goht river gorge there was founded Gegard monastery (11-13 centuries), one of the most amazing buildings in Armenia. This monastery is carved in the rock and it used to be one of the religious and educational centers of medieval Armenia and a place of pilgrimage.


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