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Cafes and Restaurants

Armenians are real gourmets. They know a lot about food and respect their meal because they believe that food is a God’s gift. That’s why it is not surprising that in Yerevan you can find a wide range of restaurants that can satisfy even the most fastidious clients.
Since the East has always influenced the life style of the Armenians, it would be strange not to have an Eastern restaurant here. You will find tasty oriental dishes at different restaurants, or you can go directly to the “Eastern cuisine” either on Moscovyan or Komitas street. And if you want to enjoy belly dancing for a dessert, then go to the Arabian restaurant near Republic Square where real Arabian girls will dance the most passionate belly dances for you.
Russian guests or passionate fans of delicious dumplings, pancakes and borscht with sour cream can go immediately to the “Traktir” on Baghramian Avenue
If you think that in Yerevan you will not find an Indian restaurant, you're wrong - it is located in the downtown.
There are also several Iranian restaurants - one in the center, and the other one is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Yerevan - at the beginning of the Kievyan Bridge.
Above the gorge of the river Hrazdan you will find the café-restaurant “Zanga” (the old name of the river Hrazdan) famous for its location and a tiny zoo. It is difficult to describe the magnificence of the view that will appear in front of you...
Of course, the guests of our city should firstly visit a restaurant which offers a wide range of Armenian dishes. Since we’ve just mentioned the gorge, you can also enjoy its splendid view from another side - from the restaurant “Dzoragyugh”. Here you can try delicious Armenian cuisine and watch lively Armenian dances.
True admires of the fantastically tasty eastern dish “lahmadzho” should visit the cozy restaurant “Our Yard” on Tumanyan Street, where lahmadzho is just yummy!
Where else in the world can you find Shashlik (Kebab) street with so tempting barbecue smoke that even a full stomach will not save you from the temptation to taste various types of kebabs? There is no doubt that in Armenia you will have very tasty meal - this is our tradition!
If you want to spend a quiet evening to the accompaniment of jazz music and a light breeze near a tiny lake, there is certainly no better place than the café "Poplavok” (“Float”). In the evenings, the cafe offers concerts of famous pop and jazz musicians. This is the place where you can meet the artistic elite of the city or employees of foreign diplomatic missions.


Ai Leoni (Tumanyan str, 40)

In this restaurant you will feel the sights, sounds and aromas of the authentic Italian cuisine. It is not necessary to go to Italy to enjoy fresh pasta, traditional Italian cookies, desserts, cakes, ice cream, and other delicious Italian dishes made by hand!

Amrots (Antaryan str, 122)
This large restaurant with the traditional Armenian cuisine is located in the shadow of Mount Ararat. It combines the original family recipes and a comfortable atmosphere. You can also enjoy live music all day long. The chief cook is ready to explain and show how to cook the famous Armenian BBQ!

Aragast (Isahakyan str, 41)
The cafe and restaurant Aragast offers Armenian, Georgian, Russian and European cuisine and live jazz music. The cafe and restaurant Aragast is one of the most haunted places in Yerevan. People say that there is the best jazz music in Yerevan!

Ayasa - Cilician Restaurant (Hanrapetutyan str, 78)
The restaurant Ayasa is a place where you can feel the spirit of ancient Armenia and listen to traditional Armenian musical instruments. The chefs prepare delicious Armenian dishes.

The restaurant and bar “Bravo” offers Armenian, Eastern, European and Japanese cuisine as well as live music. If this restaurant could be characterized by one phrase, it would be the “Land of Secrets.” Each room dictates its own atmosphere. You can choose the place according to your mood: Armenian village, Jazz hall, Tropic hall.

The restaurant Arma offers the best dishes of the national and international cuisine. This fine dining restaurant with exquisite cuisine and a luxurious atmosphere is a perfect place for meetings and banquets.

Caucasus Tavern
The Caucasus Tavern is a restaurant where you can taste the authentic dishes of the South Caucasus to the accompaniment of live Armenian music played on such instruments as kamancha, duduk, oud, and tmbuk. The design and atmosphere of the restaurant transfer the visitors to Tbilisi or old Yerevan. There is very courteous and friendly staff. In the Caucasus Tavern you can taste Armenian, Georgian and other Caucasian dishes, starting from a barbecue in a tondir (earth oven) and ending with a large variety of khachapuri cooked by Georgian chefs. The clients have an opportunity to choose a fish from the pond, and it will be prepared immediately before their eyes. There is also a great wine list.


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