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On 6 June 1877, the walls of BAYAZET fortress shuddered under the hard blows of Ottomans. But the town held out in the battle! It held out to unite the spiritual and physical power of the Russian and Armenian people against the enemy. It held out to save beautiful Armenian culture and traditions from decay and destruction.  


BAYAZET fortress has become the symbol of our concern because we care about preserving the national Armenian culture and want to share its valuable achievements with Russians and with all people who are interested in it. Such unique company organization as a concern, that is a group of companies specializing in different areas, lets us promote various aspects of Armenian culture in Perm region.


BAYAZET started its work on 1 february 2005. However, long before its official opening we had conducted preliminary researches of the travel market in Perm and Perm region to evaluate its saturation. According to the resulting data, we had decided to focus on several projects that could be interesting for the citizens of Perm.


Nowadays BAYAZET specializes in the following areas:

  • Production of artificial trim stone; construction and improvement of premises, art wall decoration; architecture and landscaping;
  • Tours to Armenia;
  • Restaurant and entertainment business;
  • Distribution of information concerning Armenia;
  • Company store “Armenian goods”.


Our aim is not just to show the achievements of Armenian culture to all our visitors, but also to provide an opportunity to use its recourses, that’s why we set very affordable prices for all our services.


The first division is Artificial Stone Factory BAYAZET. In Armenia fortresses and castles were traditionally built from natural quarried stone. And nowadays it is very stylish to decorate buildings in such a way as to make them look like the best examples of the ancient architecture.


Our trim stone can be used for overcladding as well as for interior design in homes and offices. The imitation of masonry looks naturally and brings that old time charm. We hope that the production of our artificial stone factory BAYAZET will help to improve and decorate the city!


Our second project is Travel Agency BAYAZET offering exciting tours and vacation packages to the Republic of Armenia. Armenia is the oldest Christian state in the world – it originated around 2000 years ago. It is a monument of ancient culture with its khachkarssurvived from biblical times,beautiful old churches and fortresses, unique historical landmarks and cultural attractions.


The combination of highland rivers and lakes, majestic rocks and canyons, picturesque landscapes and natural monuments makes this country look like a small paradise. Armenian resorts with mineral springs and ski centers are very popular among active travelers - they attract tourists from all parts of the world.


Armenia has always been famous for its hospitality. We hope that the citizens of Perm and Perm region going the Republic of Armenia with the help of our travel agency will get wonderful memories and valuable experience from their trip!


The next subdivision is the Cafe - restaurant and BAYAZET. Here you will find a wide range of traditional Armenian dishes skillfully prepared by our professional cooks from Armenia. Foodstuffs, vintage wines and cognacs are delivered directly from Armenia to fully reproduce the unforgettable taste and color of the national cuisine. Besides Armenian dishes, you can also order traditional European dishes based on the best recipesand the best ingredients.


We invite small citizens of Perm to visit our restaurant and cafe! We have a special children menu for them: Armenian donuts, oriental halvah and other tasty sweets. And it is possible to order the delivery of a

ny dish from the menu of the restaurant and cafe BAYAZET by telephone or online.


You can celebrate any event in the comfortable and warm atmosphere of the cafe - restaurant BAYAZET. In addition, we offer a wide range of entertainment programs, including dancing shows and day performances. These programs will make your banquet or kids party more cheerful and exciting!


The project Armenian heritage will let you learn more about the history and culture of the ancient Armenian people, their origin and traditions on the pages of our website. We also have created an online store where you can buy souvenirs from Armenian craftsmen famous for their skills; books of Armenian writers in Russian; discs with modern Armenian songs; Armenian documentary and feature films.


For this project we also arrange concerts and meetings with outstanding Armenian cultural figures – musicians, singers, composers, performers – and we are happy that the concerts halls are always full with people who love and appreciate the spiritual and cultural Armenian heritage! We hope that there will be more such people in the Kama region as a result of our work!




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