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Artificial Stone Factory BAYAZET


Artificial stone factory BAYAZET is a specialized industrial manufacturer of high-quality cast stone imitating natural building material. Our stone is made from white Portland cement concrete or from extra strong powdered plaster.

Plaster based stone is used for interior decor such as a fireplace surround or entrance; Portland-cement based stone – for exterior decor, for example for covering and ornamenting buildings. Both stone types are durable, lightweight and easy to use.

BAYAZET offers 8 different stone forms, and each of them can be plaster and cement based. Each stone form can be produced in 6 different colors – that lets you make a good choice and find a suitable color for any decorative architectural work.

Our specialists achieve desired color combinations and maintain durable physical properties by dividing the manufacturing process into several key stages: 

  • weighing of ingredients (depending on the stone type and color),
  • casting in molds,
  • unmolding,
  • drying,
  • packing.

Weighing is one of the most important steps in the manufacturing process. It is the correct weighing that makes our cast stone so strong that it can be used for troubleproof covering works.
Drying of plaster based stone includes two stages: first it is dried for 30-40 minutes before unmolding and then 1-2 days after it, in a dryer. Portland-cement based stone for works inside of the house is kept in molds for 24 hours, and after unmolding – in a dryer for 2 weeks.

The ready-to-use cast stone is packed in brand boxes with the factory logo. The technological process is based on the collective collaboration of the workers.

The technology accuracy is controlled by a production foreman, who personally weighs ingredients for future artificial stones. There are also 4 casters, 2 unmolders, 2 packers and 2 washers in the factory staff. The director of the factory operations is responsible for terms and conditions, organization of the work, and defects correction. 




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