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Travel agency "BAYAZET" specializes in cultural, adventure and tailor made tours and vacation packages to the Republic of Armenia. Our team of skilled travel agents will help you discover the best of Armenia!

Sunny Armenia is a wonderful country justly called “a museum in the open air” and the cradle of Christian architecture and art. Ancient Armenian temples and monasteries have reached us from the first centuries of our era and can tell a lot about the past of this country.

Mild climate, curative air, clear lakes including Sevan, the largest and the most beautiful lake in Armenia, - the nature of this mountainous country is really beneficial for health! On Armenian health resorts you can have a good rest as well as build up your health and get new positive experiences.

“If I were to be asked where on the planet Earth one can see the most incredible wonders, I would first of all say – Armenia”, - Rockwell Kent, a writer and artist, said. Travel agency "BAYAZET" invites you to discover the wonders of Armenia!

Armenia is famous for its hospitality. You will be pleasantly surprised by friendly attitude towards tourists, welcome smiles of people around you, and no doubt you will consider hospitable Armenia for your next travel!

Today we are concentrating our efforts on researching the travel markets in Armenia and Kama region to organize the most interesting tours for the clients of our agency. We are carefully planning recreation programs to meet the requirements of the most experienced travelers.

People who have passion for culture will like our guided scenic tours where much of the sightseeing is included, so they can attend the country's historical landmarks and cultural attractions. People who want to improve their health will be interested in a comprehensive range of vacation packages to popular health resorts; active travelers – hiking and trekking tours in the mountains.

In the nearest time we are going to offer you:

1. Vacation packages to Armenian health resorts:

  • ARZNI 
  • TSAGHKADZOR, ski resort

2. Various guided tours with accommodation in Yerevan hotels.


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