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Armenians Living Abroad against Fascism

In the early days of the war the Armenians at the head of the Armenian Apostolic Church appealed to Armenian communities living abroad asking them to stand up and fight against fascism to protect their homeland. Participation of Diaspora Armenians in the antifascist movement was in various forms, in ideological warfare, as well as in raising funds to help Soviet Armenia.

In France, the Armenian anti-fascists created the “National Front of French Armenians” that had a lot of activities. Hundreds of brave men joined the Armenian National Front. One of the leaders of the resistance movement was Misak Manushian and his military friend, the poet Louise Aslanian (Las). They fell into the hands of the Nazis and were executed.

Armenian communities raised funds for the construction of the tank column “David of Sasun”. In late 1943, this tank column moved to the front and merged into the 119th Separate Tank Regiment fighting on the Baltic Front.
At the initiative of Iranian Armenians the new tank column “General Baghramyan” was created. The Iranian patriots also sent a beautiful gold-plated sword, which is now at the State Historical Museum of Armenia, to the Iranian general Baghramyan.

In 1944-1945, tens of thousands of the sons of the Armenian people took part in the liberation of the peoples of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, and Austria from Nazi oppression. They were awarded state awards and elected honorary citizens of these countries.

In the great battle for Berlin many Armenians distinguished themselves; including more than 10 generals, several heroes of the Soviet Union, and the fully crewed 89th Armenian Taman Division headed by General Major Nver Safaryan. From the Caucasus to Berlin, the division defeated 7.500 kilometers of the military way through the enemy; 7000 soldiers and officers of the division were awarded state awards.

In the battle against the Kwantung Army, thousands of Armenian sons distinguished themselves: they went through the boundless deserts of Manchuria, Mongolia and the Greater Khingan Mountains, reached Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, honorably performing their combat missions.


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