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Armenian school of Perm  

Armenian Sunday School was founded on February 9, 2001 by the decision ofthe council of the local public organization "Armenian center of Perm". The school has the following goals and tasks: to realize educational programs in sphere of Armenian culture; to preserve the national culture, history and traditions; to inspire spiritual growth; to revealand develop children’s talents and abilities; to promote the national Armenian culture; to teach the Armenian language and history; to carry on the spiritual and cultural Armenian heritage; to stimulate children’s interestin collaborative creative work; to organize new leisure activitiesfor children.

For its achievements the school has received numerous honorary certificates andletters of appreciation. Here are some of them:

  • A letter of appreciation from the Department of Education of Perm region;
  • A certificate from the Department of  Public Relations and Municipal Developmentof  Perm City Administration;
  • An award of the Festival of the historicalsettlements of theKama Region;
  • A letter of appreciation from the Municipal Educational Institution "Children's CreativeActivityCenter" (Perm).

School’s curriculum, teaching staff, material and technical resources

Armenian Sunday School is organized on the base of Perm Children's Creative ActivityCenter. The following subjects are taught:


Main subjects:

  • Armenian literature;
  • Armenian language;
  • History of Armenia.

Armenian art and culture:

  • Music, Musical literature of Armenia;
  • Armenian art;
  • Armenian folk dances.

Creative activities

  • Theatre;
  • Applied art.

The school staff consists of certified professionalteachers anda principal who coordinates andmanagesall academic activities. In summer 2010 the teachers of the school participated in theRefresher Coursesfor the Armenian DiasporaTeachers and received certificates of Armenian State Pedagogical University named after Khachatur Abovian.

The school study guidesand manuals, including: school books, literature, work books in the national language meetthe requirements of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Armenia and are supplied by the interregional public organization "Armenian center of Perm".

The school curriculum includes the above mentioned classes as well as cultural events dedicated to the significant dates and public holidays of Armenians.

Joint events of Armenian Sunday School and Perm Children's Creative ActivityCentertake a special place in the school activities. They include various cultural eventsas well as special programs focused on lending psychological and professional support to children. These programs are organized in cooperation with the teachers of the local intermediate schools in which Armenian children study.

The children attending Armenian Sunday School also take active part in the events organized by the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia.

It is worth mentioning that on January 26, 2011 the school hosted special events to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Armenian center of Perm and ninth anniversary of Armenian Sunday School of Perm. 


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