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Russia and Armenia. The history of their relationship

Russia in the History of Armenia

The connection between the Armenian and Russian nations in various fields of cultural life became stronger after the adoption of Christianity in Russia.

The History of the Armenians in the Kama region

The Lazarev family (in Armenian –Aghazarian, Egizarian, Lazarian) came from Old Julfa on the Arax.

The Contribution of Armenians to World War II Victory

From June 1941 to May 1945, more than 500 thousand Armenians were called up for military service, and it was a significant part of the people (according to the statistics, in 1941 the population of the Armenian Republic was less than 1 million 400 thousand people). In the Soviet Army there were about 60 Armenian generals and 5 marshals, 106 Heroes of the Soviet Union; 175 000 Armenians were killed in the battles.

Armenians Living Abroad against Fascism

In the early days of the war the Armenians at the head of the Armenian Apostolic Church appealed to Armenian communities living abroad asking them to stand up and fight against fascism to protect their homeland. Participation of Diaspora Armenians in the antifascist movement was in various forms, in ideological warfare, as well as in raising funds to help Soviet Armenia.


Armenian Military Commanders of the Great Patriotic War

Here are represented the biographies of the outstanding Armenian Commanders of the Great Patriotic War.


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