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Armenian Male Names

In ancient times in Armenia children were named according to their appearance or according to the qualities that their parents wanted them to have in the future. Here are several widespread Armenian male names and their meaning:

AGHASI - “Unshakeable mountain”
ARA - “Noble”
AREG - comes from Armenian “Sun”
ARISTAKES - “Saint protector”
ARMEN, АRMENAK - “Aryans’ spirit”
ARSEN - “Noble warrior”
ARTAK - “Aspiration to the Sun”
ARTASH, ARTASHES - “Aspiration to the truth”
ARTEM (ARTYOM) - “Way to the truth”
ARTUR - “Light of the truth”
ARTUSH - “Aspiration to the Light”
ARUTIUN - “Sunday”
ARUSHAN - “Face of the Sun”
ARSHAK - “Life-giving Sun”
ASHOT - “Hope of this World”
ATOM - “God’s spirit”
AVET, AVETIK, AVETIS – comes from Armenian “Pleasant news", from Sanskrit “Sacred
AYK – “Unity”
AZAT – “Free”
BABKEN – “Wise Father”
BAGHISH – “Flush of happiness”
BAGRAT – “Joy of love”
DAVID - “Imparting knowledge”
GAGIK - “Heavenly”
GALUST - “Arrival”
GAREGIN - “Fire of Sacred Knowledge”
GARNIK - “Sacrificial lamb”
GASPAR - “Going to set free"
GEGHAM - “Home”
GIRAIR - “Lively”
GURGEN - “Sacred Knowledge from a Spiritual Guide”
JIVAN - "Living incarnated soul”
MARKAR - “Noble way”
MGER - “Sunny”
MELKOUM - “See the sunrise”
MESROP - “Moon arrow”
MIHR or MIGR (Greek “Gelios”), the son of Aramazd, the God of Sun and Heaven Light,

the Patron of Heroes and Warriors. In Armenia there were many temples worshipping this
MINAS - “Fish”
MUSHEGH - “Excellent”
NERSES - “Birth of a hero”
PATVAKAN - “Dignity”
PETROS - “Stone”
VAGAM - “Tiger’s swiftness”
VAHAGH - “Ubiquitous fire”
VAHAN - “Shield”
VARUZHAN - “Born to be a defender”
VASAK - “Light of eyes”
ZAVEN - “Heavenly”
ZURAB - “Divine”




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