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The Armenian Church Traditions: the Sign of the Cross

Making the sign of the cross (or crossing oneself) reminds Christians of the Holy Trinity and thatJesus Christ died on the Cross. Through His death He granted salvation to people and ruined thepower of evil. Christians also believe that with the help of Jesus Christ they can receive whatthey ask and that making the sign of the cross will save them from evil.

Armenians cross themselves by joining the first three fingers of the right hand while theremaining two fingers are pressed together and touching the palm. First they place the right handon the forehead saying “In the name of the Father”, then a little below the chest saying “and ofthe Son”, then on the left shoulder saying “and of the Holy”, then on the right shoulder saying“Spirit”. Finally they place the hand in the center of their chest saying “Amen” to confirm thetruth of their words.


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