Концерн 'БАЙАЗЕТ'

The Armenian Catholicosate of Aghuank

In the middle of the 5th century two provinces of Greater Armenia - Artsakh and Outik - were joined to the territory of Aghuank located to the north of the river Kura. That way Aghuank satrapy was founded, and the town of Partav (in Outik province) became its capital.

Since in those days the political borders defined the Church borders, that’s why right after the foundation of the new satrapy the Bishops of Artsakh and Outik joined Aghuank bishop cathedrae, and together they formed the Aghuank Church. Over the years that Church was reorganized into a Catholicosate.

The Bishop of Partav (that town was the administrative center of Aghuank satrapy) took a special place in the new Church. In the beginning of the 7th century he was appointed as the Catholicos of the satrapy. That way a new independent Church was created within the walls of the Armenian Church. It was headed by the local Catholicos, but the religious faiths, language and traditions were Armenian.

The Catholicosate of Aghuank existed till 1813. Then it was transformed into archdiocese, and then – divided into two Eparchies: the Eparchy of Shamakhinsk and the Eparchy of Karabakh.


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