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Armenian Female Names

In remote antiquity in Armenia people were named according to their appearance or according to the qualities that their parents wanted them to have. We have collected several Armenian female names widespread on the territory of Russia. Here they are:


Agapi - love

Agnes - equivalent to the words "makour" (clean), "surb" (saint), "amest" (modest)


Ada - noble young lady


Azatuhi - freedom

Azganush - consists of Armenian "azg" (kin) and "anush" (sweet).


Gayane - home, family

Heghine - aspiration to the sun


Karine - triumphant

Manushak - violet flower

Melanya - meeting


Naira - free


Nana - mother


Nane - household goddess

Narine - woman, wife


Noune - praising

Parandzem - resembling to shining god

Ripsime - beyond all praise

Sate - true


Seda - tenderness

Shagane - gentle, devout

Shogher, Shoghik - deauty

Shushan - lily flower

Tatevik - forefathers’ path

Zaruhi, Zara - fire temple priestess




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