Концерн 'БАЙАЗЕТ'
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Armenia - that the air is clean and transparent, and the water, so amazing that sometimes you doubt that the formula of water of H 2 O. 
This sun, generous and burning like fire. This nairskie eyes that his brilliance eclipsed sun, his sadness represent the whole story of sorrow our nation. This lament duduk, penetrating the soul is a melody and zurna calling this dance and rhythm of dance kochari. 
That old song, a lullaby "Zartnir, lao", calling the child to wake up and take revenge for the murder of his own people. This lullaby could appear only in Armenian. 
This lightning - David Sasuntsi sword. All of this - Armenia, biblical country Hayk - ancestor, a paradise on earth. Armenia - it is tears of joy in her eyes when the plane lands on the Armenian land. It is hovering in the sky the top of Mount Ararat. It is an indescribable feeling when by chance in a foreign country, you will see the cloud that took the form of Ararat.

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