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June 6, 1877 the wall of a fortified city BAYAZET tremble under the blow to the Ottomans. But the city has survived! Persevered to bring together in unison spirit and strength of the Russian and Armenian people against the enemy. Stood to save from defeat and destruction of the beauty of Armenian culture and traditions.


The fortified town BAYAZET became a symbol of our group, because we care about preserving the Armenian culture and want to give her the priceless fruits of the Russian people and all who are interested. This unique form of enterprise as a concern, ie union of the set of activities, gives us the opportunity to implement a comprehensive program to promote Armenian culture in the Perm region.


BAYAZET was launched on feb. 01, 2005. However, long before the official opening of the works on the analysis of market saturation and the region of Perm enterprises, offering a package of services for leisure and recreation for the whole family. Based on these results, it was decided to undertake a number of projects that are in demand and interesting people of our city.


Today, the group's activities together such areas as: production of ornamental stone, building and repair, Murals, architectural and landscape design, tourism in Armenia, restaurants, gambling and show business, activities for disseminating information materials about the Armenian and souvenirs.


Our goal - not just to familiarize everyone with the achievements of the Armenian culture, but to give them the opportunity to make extensive use of its resources, so we offer the most affordable prices on all our services.

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Armenian News

The Armenian Library Refuses to Return 17 Paintings by “Dr.Death”

19.12.2012 23:00

The Armenian Library and Museum of America (ALMA) refuses to return the artworks painted by Jack Kevorkian, also known as “Dr. Death”. The works painted with Kevorkian’s blood and his other personal belongings will be auctioned in New York

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Armenia and Egypt: Cooperation in the Field of Culture in 2011-2013

13.11.2011 23:00

Recently in Yerevan the Armenian and Egyptian Culture Ministries have signed a cultural cooperation program for the period of 2011-2013.

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Cafe and restaurant

Artificial Stone Factory

Travel Agency

Armenian Heritage

Cafe and restaurantArtificial Stone FactoryTravel AgencyArmenian Heritage

In the restaurant and cafe BAYAZET you can have a wonderful lunch or dinner in a warm, comfortable atmosphere. You will certainly like the variety and delicacy of the traditional Armenian and European dishes wonderfully prepared by our professional cooks. Small guests will highly appreciate our special dessert menu: Armenian donuts, baklava, a variety of jams, and other sweets.

In the restaurant and cafe BAYAZET you can also celebrate any event -weddings, kid’s birthdays and so forth. Our entertainment programs will make your celebration cheerful and unforgettable!  

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