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Cast Stone Facade Cladding

High-quality cast stone imitating natural building material is an ideal choice for architectural and restoration work. Combining historical charm with modern materials, cast stone veneers can recreate the look of the buildings of the past centuries.

The Portland-cement based artificial stone manufactured by “BAYAZET” is moisture-proof, durable, lightweight, and retains warmth when properly installed.

Our company specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of cast stone and offers professional support in this area.

Using different colors of the same stone type, you can create a unique design of your home, office or country house.

Build your dream home, and we'll help to make it unique!
Add more luxury to the design of your home with the artificial stone produced by BAYAZET.
Keep pace with the time - with us.
There is nothing eternal in life - except the stone 


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