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“Optimist” Acrylic Antiseptic Primer


“Optimist” is a colorless primer with a high penetrating ability and an excellent surface binding quality designed for all kinds of surfaces (except metal). It is made of acrylic-based polymers.

Recommendations for Use

You can use the primer on all grinding, fragile, or old surfaces, as well as on highly absorbent porous mineral substrates such as concrete, fiber-cement boards, gypsum and gypsum boards, calcareous sandstone, brick walls, etc., and on wooden surfaces.
Dries quickly (for 0.5 hours), and after drying it does not stick and promotes adhesion.
Prevents growth of bacteria, fungi, and mold.
Protects against blue stain and rot.
Effectively protects treated surfaces against moisture penetration.
Does not contain volatile toxic components.
“Optimist” is suitable for all types of coatings, including water-dispersion paints, enamels, alkyd or oil paints, floor varnishes, marble dust, structural plaster, etc.
It can be also used as an agent in dry mixes (plaster, putty, grout, etc.) to improve their properties. Using the primer reduces paint consumption and makes painting less expensive.


Apply the primer by brush, roller or spray on a dry surface cleansed from dust, dirt, and oil. In most cases, one layer is enough. For highly absorbent surfaces it is recommended to apply two layers.
When applying the primer on a solid surface that will be painted later, it is possible to dilute the primer with water in 1:1 proportion.


Depending on the absorbency of the surface, the consumption is approximately 150 ml/m2.
Complete drying time is 1 hour.


Store the primer in tightly closed containers at temperatures between +5° C to +30° C.


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