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“ATLAS” Tile Adhesive



ATLAS tile adhesive is a ready dry mix of concrete, chips and modifying agents of the highest quality. It is characterized by good ductility and adhesion to various types of building materials. That proves the fact that ATLAS tile adhesive is a product of universal application.
Thanks to its working parameters, ATLAS tile adhesive is economical, cost effective, and very simple to use. The optimal selection of the recommended consistency and thickness of the adhesive layer (for the given conditions) eliminates the possibility of slipping of the fixed tiles. ATLAS tile adhesive is a frost-and water-resistant product.


Recommendations for Use

ATLAS tile adhesive is used for fixing wall and floor ceramic tiles (glazed tiles, terracotta, clinker, gress, granite) and nonabsorbed cement tiles, concrete tiles and natural stone tiles.
ATLAS tile adhesive can be applied to such surfaces as cement, cement-lime, gypsum plaster, concrete, aerated concrete, cement or anhydrite solid floor, as well as to raw surfaces made of bricks, blocks, hollow bricks and other ceramic or lime-sand materials of this type.
ATLAS is a dry building mix of wide application. It is suitable for masonry, for surfacing, and for plastering. It can be used indoors and outdoors, using a layer 2-5 mm thick.



ATLAS tile adhesive is used in the thin-layer method of laying tiles. The mortar is applied to the prepared surface with a smooth steel tile trowel and then evenly distributed (preferably in one direction) with a notched trowel. Don’t apply ATLAS to a too large surface because it retains its adhesive abilities for approximately 10-30 minutes (depending on the parameters of the surface and the environment).
To make sure that it is still possible to lay the tiles, you need to touch the previously applied adhesive with your fingers. If the adhesive remains on your fingers, it is still possible to install the tiles. If your fingers are clean, you must remove the old layer of the tile adhesive and apply a new one.
After the application of the adhesive, you need to lay the tiles and press them to the base. The amount of the adhesive applied to the base should be enough to get an even coat after pressing the tile, and, if possible, it should take minimum 2/3 surface of the tile.
When laying tiles on the floor as well as outside, it is recommended that the bonding surface was complete. To achieve this aim, apply the tile adhesive on the base as well as on the back of each tile. After pressing a tile, it is possible to correct its position for about 10 minutes. If the grouting is planned, clean away any excessive tile adhesive from the joints during the work process.
Begin to grout the joints when the adhesive sets, but not earlier than 24 hours after laying the tiles. Consumer resistance is achieved after 3 days.
You should not soak the tiles before applying the adhesive!
This information is based on the basic data on the use of the product and not exempt from the obligation to perform works in accordance with the building regulations and safety regulations.



Pour the dry mix into the recommended amount of water (in proportion 0.21-0.24 liters of water per 1 kg of the dry building mix) and mix until homogenous. It’s better to mix the mortar using a drill with a paddle.
The mortar is suitable for use in 5 minutes and after re-mixing.
The ready mortar should be used for approximately 4 hours.
If you use a mortar with the addition of ATLAS plasticizer, pour the dry building mix into emulsion prepared in accordance with the instructions on the package.
The further actions should be the same as in the previous case. The mortar prepared with the addition of ATLAS plasticizer should be used for approximately 2 hours.



On average, it is recommended to use 1.5 kg of ATLAS tile adhesive for 1 sq.m. and for 1 mm layer of the mortar. In practice, the consumption depends on the degree of the base flatness and on the type of the tiles you are planning to use.


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