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The Armenian Library Refuses to Return 17 Paintings by “Dr.Death”
(19.12.2012 23:00)

The Armenian Library and Museum of America (ALMA) refuses to return the artworks painted by Jack Kevorkian, also known as “Dr. Death”. The works painted with Kevorkian’s blood and his other personal belongings will be auctioned in New York.

Kevorkian’s lawyer states that the painter personally loaned his creations to the museum for safekeeping while he was serving a sentence in prison. Jack Kevorkian, an American ex-doctor and euthanasia activist, passed away on June 3, 2011 at the age of 84.

At the present time the Dr. Death’s heir has filed a suit against the museum. The paintings stored in the museum are valued at $2.5 million to $3.5 million.

On June 28, 2010 a documental film about Jack Kevorkian's life and career called “You Don't Know Jack” was shown for the HBO television network.

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